A Young Gentleman’s Guide to Tuxedos & Prom

In order for any discerning young gentleman to make a real entrance and make prom night one to remember, he must first look the part. To make the right impact and set the bar for all his peers, there really is only one option that I would recommend… the tuxedo. By embracing this timeless classic you will be setting yourself apart from your peers and defining yourself as a true young gentleman of style.

This short guide will talk you through all the key points to ensuring your tuxedo is looking on point on the big night at prom.

The Tuxedo Jacket & Trousers

The Tuxedo is defined by the suit jacket & trousers with satin peak lapels, whilst being complimented with a pleated white dress shirt (wing collared or classic), and the all essential black bow tie. Not forgetting the added personal touches of cufflinks, a dress watch and black shiny shoes, to really take this classic polished look to the next level. Overall the sharp angled design of a tuxedo helps create a modern & streamlined silhouette, whilst adding a pleated shirt and bow tie gives your look a vintage charm.

The Bow Tie

No tuxedo is complete without the all-important bow tie. To achieve a classic vintage look, stick with the classic black, however if you feel like adding a bit more personality to your look don’t be afraid to inject a bit of colour… just ensure that it is done tastefully!

The Cuff Links

Cufflinks are another essential for your tuxedo. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of silver cufflinks to add some flair to your look and ensure that you ooze sophistication on the big night.

The Pocket Square

To perfectly contrast your black peaked lapel tux jacket & bow tie, a classic white pocket square or handerkerchief optimally placed in the front pocket will really boost your look.


To really commit to the look of a tuxedo, I recommend going the extra mile by adding a pair of braces to the outfit and really accentuate this classic vintage look. By subtly adding these personal touches your date is going to be noticing you for all the right reasons.

The Shoes

To cap off the look of a tuxedo, a young gentleman has to pick the right shoes. Whilst a pair of black brogues can be suitably paired with a tuxedo, I would recommend a pair of shiny black patent dress shoes to really define the look.

Any there we have it… follow this guide and you will ensure that your night gets off to the right start and you will have your date proudly showing you off to the envy of everyone else.

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