5 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square – A Gentlemans Guide

Here at ‘Style Maketh the Man‘ we are firm believers that true style is all about the small details. A great looking bespoke suit is only as good as the personal touches that subtly compliment it. Pocket squares are one such small detail that will give your suit a real personal touch and transform it from a regular looking suit to a great looking suit with some added individual flair. When done correctly pocket squares can really accentuate the look & feel of your suit, but be careful not to choose something too garish or you will spoil the look completely and run the risk of looking comical. Start with a classic white cotton pocket square to immediately give your suit a refined look, before moving on to more daring patterns.

For a more complimentary effect pocket squares should be paired with a tie, however it is considered a cardinal style sin to match them identically. By loosely matching or completely contrasting them all together, you will add some real depth to your look.

There are countless ways to fold your pocket squares to impact the look & feel of your suit but if you’re not sure where to start here are our top 5 folds to get you started.

#1 The Classic Square fold (Aka the presidential fold) –

  • lay your square flat with the top corners horizontal.
  • Fold the left side over the right side to make a rectangle.
  • Fold the bottom up,just short of the top.
  • Tuck into your jacket pocket.

#2 Tuffed top –

  • lay your square flat, with one corner at the top and one at the bottom, making a diamond shape.
  • Fold the bottom corner to meet the top corner.
  • Fold the left corner half-way across the triangle, and repeat with the right, creating a shape like a square, open envelope.

#3 Crown fold –

  • Lay the pocket square flat and then pull the middle.
  • Pick up the pocket square from the middle.
  • Place your thumb and fore finger around the pocket square in order to form a ring around the base of the pocket square.
  • Keeping hold of the bottom, fold the rounded half over.

#4 The Pesko Fold –

  • With the underside of the pocket square facing up, lay your square flat.
  • Fold one side in about 2/3 on the square.
  • Fold the other side over just slightly shorter than the width of your jacket pocket.
  • Fold over the two ends.
  • Fold in half length ways to enable the pocket square to fit nicely into your breast pocket.
  • Place the folded pocket square into the jacket’s pocket with just the end sticking out.

#5 The Flower Fold –

  • Clench your hand making to make a fist, with your other hand drape your pocket square over your clenched hand.
  • Using your index finger push the pocket square into your fist.
  • Grasp the fabric you’ve just depressed with the hand holding the pocket square.
  • With your other hand twist the fabric in a clockwise direction.
  • When you have the desired look, place the pocket square into your jackets breast pocket. For a different twist, turn the pocket square upside down with all the ends sticking out
asos pocket square


hawes & curtis


hawes & curtis pocket square white


saville row pocket squares


moss bros pocket square


M&S pocket squares


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